Lisard Ultralight
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Materials needed:

Posterboard (or cereal box)

Bamboo Skewer


Duct Tape

Needle Nose Pliers (or strong fingers)


Glue (such as Elmer’s)

Waxed Paper

Awl (or Hammer and small Nail)

Print Out of Page 2 (or a compass)

The Lisard Utlralight is a very inexpensive, almost disposable, drop spindle you can make yourself. Being very both light (the standard model is 8 grams) and with most of the weight on the rim of the over-size whorl, you will be able to spin very fine yarns more easily. Bamboo skewers are not perfectly straight, and cardboard is not perfectly rigid, but the whorl size and light weight more than make up for this. Because you can inexpensively make it yourself, you can customize the length and weight to suit, and experiment with different configurations of whorl size, weight and placement as well as shaft length.

This design is NOT COPYRIGHTED. You may copy, modify and distribute it as you see fit.

This design is also Free. However if you are overcome with gratitude and feel that you must compensate me somehow, I would welcome chocolate.


Download Plans for the Lisard Ultralight in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format