Phred's Vacation


Hi.  My name is Phred B. Fish, and this is the story of my vacation.  We've been planning it for weeks and I'm really excited. Assuming I can make it through Airport Security I'll get to fly on an airplane.   I'll get to see the Grand Canyon (with a River at the bottom!) and I'll get a chance to apply what I've learned about probability theory at Las Vegas. 

Here's a picture of me next to my travel home.  Can't you just see the excitement on my face!


Here I am in the Cup Holder in Dad's truck on the way to the airport.

I didn't think I'd get to see the cockpit in the plane we flew on, but Mom took me up to see the simulator in the Observation Tower at the Airport.


Here I am looking out the window at the Observation Tower.

After asking the Lady sitting next to us if she had a sense of humor and was obsessive about rules, Dad brought me out and let me look out the window while we were in flight.  This was much nicer than riding hidden away in his Carry-On Bag.  I thought the X-Rays at Airport Security might tickle, but they didn't.


The first thing we did after landing in Phoenix was to rent a car.  I was mostly concerned about the cup holders.


I got to meet my cousins, Gypsy and Nicky, at Aunt Pfindy's Pool.  Gypsy's a chicken, she wouldn't swim.  Can you imagine that?


It gets really HOT in Phoenix.

Prickly too.


After we left Phoenix we drove to the Hoover Dam.  This is the upstream side, showing the intake towers.


They're pretty paranoid about security at Hoover Dam.  I had to get X-Rayed again.  Good thing I was less than the maximum size.

We took the Hard Hat Tour of Hoover Dam.  Here we are waiting and ready to go


This is the Turbine Room at Hoover Dam.  It's very noisy.  Good thing I don't have ears.

After we left Hoover Dam we drove on over to Las Vegas.  We went through a forest of Joshua Trees.


At Las Vegas we stayed at  Circus Circus.  It's a very big and confusing place.  It has three different towers for rooms, three different Casinos, the Adventuredome amusement park (Matt really liked playing Laser-Tag), an area for Circus acts and Midway games, and a lot of shops and resturants.


Here I am losing my allowance testing probability theory.  Later on Matt and Sarah got asked to leave a Casino.  Good thing they didn't see me.

We visited some other Casinos while we were in Las Vegas.  This is in front of the Warner Brothers store at Caesar's Palace.


This is a fountain at The Venetian. Or maybe it was at Caesar's Palace.  They all look alike after a while.

Here's a statue at Caesar's Palace.  Dad said to rub them for good luck but I couldn't reach.


From Las Vegas we drove to Williams, Arizona for the ride to the Grand Canyon.  We stopped at Lake Meade on the way.


After flying and driving almost 3000 miles, Mom and Dad turned traitorous on me and left me at the hotel in Williams.  This is a picture of what I missed.  Dad forgot to take along his Father's Day present, a new pair of binoculars.  Serves him right.


From Williams we drove North of Flagstaff and visited Sunset Crater.  It's a volcano that erupted about 1000 years ago.  The volcano is mostly cinders, but there were also lava flows.  This picture shows one.


Hmmph.  Can you imagine, no pets.  This is a view of Sunset Crater.


The Ranger at Sunset Crater was nice and posed with me.

Practically next door to Sunset Crater were the Wapatki ruins.  The Ranger there wasn't as nice.  I wouldn't even want to have my picture taken with her.


From Wapatki we drove down to Sedona.  The scenery as you come down through the canyon was fabulous.  There are a lot of neat shops too. 


Then we drove back to Phoenix.  We didn't do much the last day except visit with Aunt Pfindy and Uncle Steve.  At the Airport we found a Starbucks while waiting for our flight.

Thanks for taking my time to read about my vacation.  I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did.