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Blue Heron Paddle

This paddle is made from Radiata Pine (from Home Depot).  The original board was ripped into three layers, the middle layer flipped, and glued back together.  This should make it crack resistant.  The Blue Heron inlay is Figured Walnut with a Myrtle Burl background.  Both ends were cut at once using a pad of four layers of veneer and a bevel sawing technique.

Fantasy Paddle

This Fantasy Paddle was originally a Blue Heron Overly paddle that didn't work out.  It has three layers of Radiata Pine with White Oak Veneer in between.  2-1/2" diameter holes were drilled 1/4" deep.  The inserts are 1/4" discs made from Walnut and Maple using a bevel sawing technique.


Sky Paddle

This Anthropomorphic Sky Paddle was laminated from  Radiata Pine and oak veneer.  Like the other paddles it has solid oak tips.  2-1/2" holes were drilled 1/4" deep.  The Sun, Moon, and Star were cut out of 1/4" thick maple and glued in place.  The background was then filled in with tinted Bondo.