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A Bird tutorial will be published in More Woodturning in November 2018

I've been working on mini-birds for a good part of 2018.  They're quite small:  About 3/8" maximum diameter and less than 1-1/4" long.  Along with turned bird houses they'll be my tree ornaments for 2018.  All the colors are natural woods.  Most of the bird is turned.  Although the wings are cut on a scroll saw the wing blanks were turned.  Not all were mounted on bird houses, as I also did pencil caps, pencil decorations, desk decorations mounted on twigs, and even a bookmark.  Enjoy:

Cardinal Bird Ball

The cardinal in this Bird Ball is bigger.  The twig is mounted via a tenon through the base to avoid CA glue clouding issues.  Snow added with Snow-Tex.  The cap is maple.  The cardinal is redheart with a rosewood bib, blackwood eyes, and a yellowheart beak.  The twig is from a dogwood.

Cardinal in Ball

A cardinal in a plastic ball.  I cut off the top of a "shatterproof" clear ornament.  Glued the cardinal inside, and turned a maple cap to replace the top.

Robin & Nest in a ball

A robin and nest in a ball with maple cap.

Canary in a Cage

A Canary in a Cage ornament.  The cage is Padouk and stainless steel wire.  The canary is yellowheart with walnut eyes.


Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow.  Alas, there are no iridescent blue woods.  On the other hand, the tree swallows I see at the park look dark brown or black.  Walnut body, maple breast, blackwood beak and eyes.


A tufted titmouse mounted on a polycarbonate ring for a pencil decoration.  Sassafras, holly, & walnut.


A cardinal, also mounted on black polycarbonate.  In this case the polycarbonate ring is eccentric.  Redheart, blackwood, black polycarbonate & yellowheart.


A bluebird with an overly large belly (maple) section mounted on an oak bird house.  Blue mahoe, redheart, maple, & blackwood.


A carolina wren mounted on an oak birdhouse.  Butternut, osage orange, holly, blackwood and walnut.


A bluebird.  Blue mahoe, redheart, holly, walnut & blackwood.


Carolina Wren

Carolina Wren.  Butternut, osage orange, holly, walnut, and blackwood.


minimalist bird

A generic minimalist bird mounted on an ash bird house.  Butternut, yellowheart.



A Goldfinch on a nest mounted on a pencil topper.  The goldfinch is yellowheart, walnut, pink ivory wood, black wood and holly.  The nest is sassafras.


goldfinch bookmarkGoldfinch bookmark

A goldfinch and nest mounted on a birdseye maple bookmark.



A goldfinch mounted on a one piece sassafras nest/pencil topper.



A cardinal mounted on a dogwood twig.



Robin and nest mounted on a dogwood twig.  The robin is walnut, cherry, holly, blackwood and yellowheart.  The nest is sassafras with blue mahoe eggs.



A tufted titmouse mounted on a dogwood twig.  Sassafras, maple, and blackwood.


Carolina wren

A carolina wren with a more upright tail.  Butternut, walnut, osage orange, and blackwood.