Cap Ornament (Thursday)

         Medium bowl gouge

         Spindle gouge

         Skew (if you use it)

         Pyramid Point Tool (if you have one)

         Standard parting tool

         drill bit*

         1/8 drill bit*

         #50 drill bit*

         #51 drill bit*

         combined drill and countersink*

         Shadow Sphere Jig (if you have one and want to use it)

         Sphere chuck (if you have one)*

         80, 150, 220, & 320 sandpaper

         CA glue*

Themed Snowmen (Friday)

         Awl (I will bring masonry nails so you can make a cutting awl)

         Spindle roughing gouge

         Spindle gouge

         Standard parting tool

         1/16 parting tool

         Skew (if you use it)

         Pin vises*  **

         Needlenose pliers

         1/8 drill bit

         #44 drill bit

         #51 drill bit

         7/8 Silver & Deming pattern drill bit*

         15/16 Forstner pattern drill bit*

         Combined drill and countersink*

         Electric drill

         CA glue

         80, 150, 220, & 320 sandpaper

*  I will bring these items.  But you can work more efficiently with your own.

**  If you want to make a bamboo skewer Morse taper drive (snowman noses, dog ears, turned buttons, etc) bring  one that will hold up to 1/8.  Such as part number 84396084 for $5.13, or set of four if you want to also have small ones for drilling pin holes part number 86491941 for $23.34.