David Reed Smith lives in Hampstead, Maryland, which is northwest of Baltimore, with his wife, and a part-time cat. 

He retired in 2013.  When he was forced to work for a living he took X-Rays, mostly in the ER of a small hospital.  Besides woodturning he makes tatting shuttles.  He also runs (if you’re generous with speed requirements), hikes, kayaks, reads, and takes naps.

He began turning seriously in 1984 with a Myford ML-8 lathe and a weekend lesson with Russ Zimmerman.  He now has a Ulery bowl lathe, a OneWay 1024, and a Powermatic 3520B and a basement full of other tools.  He is an unrepentant tool junkie.  More than one person has asked if he ever actually turns anything or just makes jigs.

He is a moderately prolific woodturning author and has been published in the AAW Journal, Woodturning, the late Woodturning Design, and starting with the June 2015 issue, the redesigned More Woodturning.  His taste in article subjects is eclectic—after all how else would he have gotten that many published.  But there are recurrent themes such as blue tape, 2mm craft foam, and, of course, jigs.

His web site, which has more than 60 articles and a gallery of turned items, is at:  He welcomes questions, comments, and suggestions via email at