Overlay Ornament as a pdf for $2


With the closing of More Woodturning, I've lost another publisher.  While I tell myself that writing articles was never about the money (I doubt that I ever made $1 per hour if you count development time) I'd like to recover some of my material costs.  I'd also like to freely share my articles.  The compromise I'm going to try is charging a nominal fee for the pdf version.

There are two versions available.  Without the drawings is 10 pages and 2mb.  With the drawings is 21 pages and 2.5mb.

Use this link to pay for the pdf version with PayPal:  https://www.paypal.me/DavidReedSmith/2  Please put in the comments that you're ordering Overlay Ornaments and which version you want.  Also tell me if you would like the pdf delivered as an email attachment or a link to download it.  Sending me an email at DavidReedSmith@comcast.net would also be a good idea.