Angel Addendum

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I've had a couple of requests for dimensioned and/or real size patterns, so here they are.  I suggest right click on the drawing, "Save as" jpg's to your PC, and print them out.

The Angel wing.  Should be 3-7/8" diameter when printed full size.


The dimensioned Angel body.  All measurements are diameters in inches.

Turning with just a 4-jaw Chuck

If you don't want to make the special purpose chucks, you can do the body turning by holding the four turning squares at the headstock end and using a cup tailstock center.  You can just pin the wing blank against the closed jaws of the chuck to turn the front of the wings and tenon.  The problem comes when reversing the wing to turn the back, as the 3/4" tenon is far too small to be gripped in the #2 jaws.  To save the 2-1/2 minutes changing jaws, make the following jig:


A homemade reducer for the 4-Jaw chuck.  It's PVC pipe with a wood insert.

Note:  Plywood collets would work a lot better.

Cut a section of 2" PVC pipe a little over 3/4" long.  Turn a 3/4" thick wood disk to fit in the PVC, and glue in place with polyurethane glue.  When the glue cures, mount the jig in your 4 jaw chuck and drill a 3/4" hole through it.  Remove from the chuck and cut on your bandsaw as shown in the picture.    Divide the wooden disk into thirds by radial lines.  Cut to the center following one radial line.  Then cut only to the PVC on the other two radial lines.


To use, just snap the jig around the wing tenon, then clamp in the 4-jaw chuck.