A necklace with three tools of your choice


Needle Case

Needle Case
Needle cases in three size ranges


A necklace with a crochet hook that reverses in the holder when not in use.

Dual Tool

A necklace with both a crochet hook that retracts and a pick.


Bare  Hook

A handled crochet hook that can be worn as a necklace.

Revised Dual Reversible

Dual Reversible

A necklace with a reversible insert with a pick and crochet hook. 



To order an Accessory, just send me an e-mail message so I can get started, or fill out my order form and then send a check to me at:


David Reed Smith

1706 Mar Sue Dr

Hampstead MD 21074

Tatter's Accessories can be made in a variety of woods and other materials. Solid woods are suitable for all the accessories.  See  Turned Wood Samples for solid woods.  Dual Tools can also be made of some alternate materials such as Corian. 

To help in selecting a hook size, here is a picture of the three size hooks I have, along with two readily available objects for comparison, Pentel automatic pencils: