Spike Options

Spike Options

From top to bottom:  Sharp, Rounded, Ball End


For all Accessories that have (or can have substituted) a spike, I'm now offering three options for the end of the spike:  Sharp, Rounded, and Ball End.  The default style if you don't stipulate will be Rounded.


Sharp is just that.  Although it looks lethal, the spike is only 0.043" inches in diameter.  To give you an idea of scale, that's a dime on the left edge of the photograph.


Rounded is not as blunt as it looks because of the scale of the photo.  It will allow you to pick apart mistakes without worrying about scratching your finger or dividing your thread.


Ball End is much the same as Rounded, except the recess behind the tip also helps pick up joins or pull out a strand of a knot once you have it isolated.