Magnifying Glass/Tatter's Hook
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This is a combined Magnifying Glass, Tatter's Hook, and Necklace. I've combined a magnifying glass kit, a detachable key chain, and a #14, #15 or #16 crochet hook. Tammy said I should mention the magnifier is real glass, not acrylic. I've changed the specifications and the price slightly as of Jan 28, 2000.    This one is made of laminated Cherry, Maple and Walnut, which is no longer available, but I can make you one of any solid wood and various other laminates or Corian that I have. See Laminates for pictures of laminated woods that are available.  A needle threader could be substituted for the hook.

MagHook in Padouk/Maple/Purpleheart/Maple

MagHook in Maple/Purpleheart/Maple/Padouk

Detachable Mechanism