Dual Tatter's Tool
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Dual Tool

Dual Tool

Dual Tool when Open


Spike Options

Spike Options




Detachable Mechanism

The Dual Tool is similar to the Retractable as it has a crochet hook that advances and retracts when the body is twisted. Please note that the hook protrudes less than 1/4 inch when extended.  The Dual Tool has a longer back portion and a modified detachable key chain mechanism with 0.043 inch Stainless Steel wire sharpened to a point to pick out mistakes. The one pictured is made of Birdseye Maple, but other woods are available, see Turned Wood Samples.   See Laminates for pictures of laminated woods available.

Dual Tool of Goncalo Alves

A More Ornate Dual Tool

Using a wood center ring allows for more decorative turning.  Inquire via email if you're interested in a Dual Tool of this type.

Ornate Dual Tool Walut

Ornate Dual Tool of Walnut.

Ornate Dual Tool Zebrawood

Ornate Tool of Zebrawood