Dual Reversible
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I've revised the Dual Reversible to make it about an inch shorter.  Here's a composite view of it in Birdseye Maple:

Revised Dual Reversible

The Dual Reversible allows you to carry two tools in one handle. It has a body to store the handle and a reversible insert that has a tool mounted on each end. The standard configuration has a crochet hook (#14, #15 or #16) and a spike. It is about 5-5/8 inches long when closed. The handle you'll hold in your hand, including the hook or spike, is about 4-5/8" long.  It has a hole for mounting a lanyard so that it can be worn around the neck.  Other tools can be substituted.  Please see Turned Wood Samples for available woods.


Revised Dual Reversible

The Revised Dual Reversible compared to the original:

Original vs Revised


Spike Options

Spike Options



Dual Reversible Kingwood

The Dual Reversible in Kingwood.


Dual Reversible East Indian Rosewood

Dual Reversible in East Indian Rosewood

Zebrawood Dual Reversible

Dual Reversible in Zebrawood