Bare Tatter's Hook
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Bare Hook

I've called this Tatter's Hook "Bare" because the hook isn't covered. While getting the hook tangled in your clothes is a risk, it is simpler to use, and allows more decorative options. This one is cherry with a brass wire spiral. See Turned Wood Samples for available woods.  You can have one made like this, or suggest some other design. It's about 3 inches long, and has a hole drilled for a lanyard or other device to hang it around your neck. 


Spike Options

Spike Options




Bare Hook of Birdseye Maple with Carving

This carved treatment is effective on light colored, relatively unfigured  woods.  Enquire by email if you're interested in a treatment like this.

Bare Hook in Pink Ivory Wood

This is a Bare Hook in Pink Ivory Wood.  I don't stock this wood, but sometimes I have small quantities of this and other exotics.  You could leave the wood choice up to me when you order or inquire by email.

Bare Hook Tulipwood

A "Bare" (no wire) Bare Hook of Tulipwood.